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    Alamat ip utama laman ini adalah,Perkhidmatannya di Mountain View,United States

    ISP:Google Inc.

    Last Updated: 13-Jun-2017 Update

Server Lokasi

Latitude: 37.405990600586
Longitude: -122.07851409912
Country: United States (US)
City: Mountain View
Region: California
ISP: Google Inc.

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Whois server by HKIRC
.hk top level Domain names can be registered via HKIRC-Accredited Registrars.
Go to https://www.hkirc.hk/content.jsp?id=280 for details.

Domain Name: TENDER.COM.HK
Bundled Domain Name: 投標.公司.香港
Domain Status: Active

Contract Version: HKDNR latest version

Registrar Name: Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited

Registrar Contact Information: Email: [email protected] Hotline: +852 2319 1313


Registrant Contact Information:

Company English Name (It should be the same as the registered/corporation name on your Business Register Certificate or relevant documents): TENDER QSM SYSTEMS (HONG KONG) LIMITED
Company Chinese name: 建築通軟件(香港)有限公司
Address: Suite 2111, 21/F.,
Block A, New Trade Plaza,
Country: HK
Email: [email protected]
Domain Name Commencement Date: 26-04-1999
Expiry Date: 01-10-2017
Re-registration Status: Complete

Administrative Contact Information:

Given name: John Yeung
Family name: .
Address: Suitre 2111, 21/F., Block A,
New Trade Plaza,
Country: HK
Phone: +852-28933989
Fax: +852-28930839
Email: [email protected]
Account Name: HK1350677T

Technical Contact Information:

Family name: .
Company name: QSM SYSTEMS (HK) LTD.
Address: Suite 2111, 21/F., Block A,
New Trade Plaza
Country: HK
Phone: +852-28933989
Fax: +852-28930839
Email: [email protected]

Name Servers Information:


Status Information:

Domain Prohibit Status:

The Registry contains ONLY .com.hk, .net.hk, .edu.hk, .org.hk,
.gov.hk, idv.hk. and .hk $domains.

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The data in HKDNR's WHOIS search engine is for information purposes only and HKDNR does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. The data is provided to assist people to obtain information about the registration record of domain names registered by HKDNR. You agree to use the data for lawful purposes only.

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a. use the data for mass unsolicited commercial advertising of any sort via any medium including telephone, email or fax; or

b. enable high volume, automated or electronic processes that apply to HKDNR or its computer systems including the WHOIS search enquiry service; or

c. without the prior written consent of HKDNR compile, repackage, disseminate, disclose to any third party or use the data for a purpose other than obtaining information about a domain name registration record; or

d. use such data to derive an economic benefit for yourself.

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HKDNR may modify these terms of use at any time by publishing the modified terms of use on its website.


  SERVER hk.whois-servers.net

  ARGS tender.com.hk

  PORT 43

  TYPE domain


  NAME tender.com.hk





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